Published by NYAM

Scherer, Maya; Kamler, Alexandra; Fisher, Elisa; Weiss, Linda. Housing and Health in New York City: Perspectives From Low-Income Communities: A Report of Focus Group Findings New York City Population Health Improvement Program. 2018

Based on a series of focus groups conducted by Academy researchers in collaboration with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, as part of the New York City Population Health Improvement Program, the report findings detail the impact of housing-related challenges on the physical and mental health of low income New Yorkers.

From safe and affordable housing, to landlord-tenant relations and other housing-related challenges, this report brings forward the voices of low-income New Yorkers to inform housing planning and policy.

In addition to highlighting community members’ awareness of how housing challenges directly affect their health, the report also identifies the importance of asking about and addressing the social determinants of health in a health care setting.