Health happens outside of the doctor’s office: 80% of our health is determined by how and where we live, work, learn and play. It’s no surprise that what we eat impacts our wellbeing; unfortunately, many New Yorkers struggle to afford enough nutritious food to lead healthy lives. See below for more information and resources on food security and health in NYC.

Health Happens Outside the Doctor's Office: Food from DASH-NYC on Vimeo.

Stock footage and photography provided in part courtesy of Dissolve.


Policy Matters for Health: Food Insecurity, Health and the US Farm Bill in NYC

Developed to inform related policy and advocacy efforts, this fact sheet examines the effects of food security on health, with a focus on the impact of federal policy (specifically, the US Farm Bill) on food insecurity in NYC.

Policy Matters for Health: SNAP and WIC

This fact sheet provides an overview of the many ways that government programs to reduce hunger and food insecurity contribute to the health of individuals and families, as well as the stability of the local economy