The annual Lilianna Sauter Lecture, established in 2000, addresses a topic in medical ethics. Lilianna Sauter, MD, was a long-time Fellow of the Academy, where she was active in the Section on Dermatology. Dr. Sauter received her medical degree from the University of Zurich, and shortly thereafter began her internship at Knickerbocker Hospital, New York, followed by a residency at St. Luke’s Hospital, New York. She was a visiting Fellow in Dermatology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr. Sauter was a dedicated physician and Associate Professor at Mount Sinai Medical School.

In addition to her professional activities, Dr. Sauter had a keen interest in history, and served as an officer of the Friends of the Rare Book Room at the Academy.  She also served as liaison consultant to the Academy’s 1993 program “Paracelsus: Renaissance Physician.”

Contact Information

The New York Academy of Medicine Library
1216 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10029
Telephone: 212-822-7313

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This lecture was sponsored in part by the New York Council on the Humanities


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