Eckels anatomical aid and companion volume

Howard S. Eckels. Eckels' Anatomical Aid. Philadelphia: H.S. Eckels & Co., n.d. (1903).

With Howard S. Eckels. A New Principle in Embalming. Philadelphia: [Press of H.G. Eckels]…n.d. ca. 1914. 

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This is the first edition of a color anatomical aid with several movable flaps produced specifically for the use of embalmers. Beginning with ‘The Body’ (ten flaps), the user is then introduced to ‘The Head’ (three flaps), the ‘Eye and Ear’ (eight flaps in all), the ‘Skeleton,’ the ‘Transverse section of the neck,’ and other sections of the body. A companion volume, A New Principle in Embalming, introduces the embalmer to the use and benefits of ‘Osmotone,’ a new chemical compound alleged to restore color to the body and intended for injection before embalming fluid. It also offers a brief history of embalming techniques prior to the introduction of Osmotone and takes the reader through a number of scenarios for embalming special cases, including those with heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and children. 

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