The New York Academy of Medicine recognizes and appreciates the contributions of donors to the Library.

Rare Book Adoptions

  • Educational Exhibit of Cocoa and Chocolate, 1916
    • adopted by Nancy & Andy Clayman in honor of Mary Mott
    • adopted by Robert Ruben & Yvonne Korshak
  • Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, 1856 — adopted by Michele Cole
  • The Bath Waters: Their Uses and Effects, 1850 adopted by Christos Koutentis
  • Caelii Apitii Summi Adulatricis Medicinæ Artificis, 1541 — adopted by Renee Marton
  • Mon Docteur. Traité de Médecine et d’Hygiène, 1907 — adopted by Kathleen O’Donnell
  • First Aid in the Home, 1939 — adopted by Robert Ruben & Yvonne Korshak
  • W.D. & H.O. Wills Cigarette Cards, 1927–1936 — adopted by Robert Ruben & Yvonne Korshak
  • Het Vingerschrift in een Eenhandig Alphabet, 1853 — adopted by Caroline Schimmel in honor of Gretchen Adkins
  • Sur l'Appréhension du Choléra-Morbus, 1831 — adopted by Linda Seidel
  • Marienbad et ses Différents Moyens Curatifs dans les Maladies Chroniques, 1841 adopted by Doris Straus
  • The Human Eye and its Auxiliary Organs, ca. 1896 — adopted by Claire Wang

Curator’s Choice Adoptions

  • Health and Wellness in Colonial America, 2012 — adopted by Marilyn Hammer

Themed Adoptions

Our expert librarians have curated these groups of adoptable books based on exciting and relevant themes. Supporters have the opportunity to choose just one of these books to adopt, or they can donate in support of the whole batch!

From Basilisks to Bezoars: Books of Harry Potter’s World
  • Aldrovandi's Basilisk, 1640 — supported byJohn Ferguson
  • Kircher's Three-Headed Dog, 1650 — supported by Ivan Marquez in honor of Olivia and Natalia Reyes-Becerra
Recipes through the Years: The Cookery Collection
  • Scappi’s Opera, 1596 — supported by Julia Robbins in honor of Mr. William McCoy
  • Theme-wide Cookery Collection Support Provided by:
    • Suzanne Stevens in honor of Marcy Stevens Dresser
    • Deborah Wolfson in honor of Rita Wolfson
New Ideas that Challenged Old Convictions: Banned Books
  • On the Origin of Species, 1859
    • supported by Judith C. Ahronheim & Gerald Blandford
    • supported by Suzanne Stevens
  • An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding. In four books., 1694 — supported by Nancy & Andy Clayman
  • Theme-wide Banned Book Collection Support Provided by:
    • Jane Petro
    • Jennifer Jones
Card Catalog Adoptions
  • Glen & Cathy Miranker in honor of Tamar Zeffren and Daniel Paul
  • Kristine Gebbie