The New York Academy of Medicine recognizes and appreciates the contributions of donors to the Library.

Rare Book Adoptions

  1. Het Vingerschrift Adopted in honor of Gretchen Adkins
  2. The Bath waters Adopted by Christos Koutentis, MB, ChB
  3. Sur l'Appréhension de choléra-morbus Adopted by Linda Seidel, PhD, MA
  4. Marienbad et ses différents moyens curatifs Adopted by Doris Strauss
  5. W.D. & H.O. Wills Cigarette Cards Adopted by Robert Ruben, MD
  6. First Aid in the Home Adopted by Robert Ruben, MD

Curator's Choice Adoptions

  1. Health and Wellness in Colonial America Adopted by Marilyn Hammer, PhD, DC, RN

From Basilisks to Bezoars: Books of Harry Potter's World

  1. John Ferguson
  2. Ivan Marquez in honor of Olivia and Natalia Reyes-Beccera

Recipes through the Years: The Cookery Collection

  1. Deborah Wolfson  in honor of Rita Wolfson

New Ideas that Challenged Old Convictions: Banned Books

  1. Judith C. Ahronheim, MD
  2. Nancy Clayman
  3. Jane Petro, MD
  4. Suzanne Stevens
  5. J. E. Jones

Card Catalog Adoptions

  1. Glen & Cathy Miranker in honor of Tamar Zeffren and Daniel Paul
  2. Dr. Kristine Gebbie