The Grey Literature Report (GreyLit Report) is a comprehensive urban health resource produced by The New York Academy of Medicine between 1999 and 2016. During that time, it was the leading service of its kind in the United States. The materials in the Greylit Report database are collected in health and science policy, public health, health of vulnerable and special populations (i.e. children, women, uninsured, elderly) and those areas of general medicine and disease in which the Academy has research interests. The focus is on research material, not consumer health material. 

While the Grey Literature report, newsletter and database are no longer being maintained, the resources are accessible here.  

For additional information on the history of medicine and public health, please explore the Academy Library's  extensive collection. 

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The GreyLit Report website includes a full-text searchable database for comprehensive topical searching.  Topics include, but are not limited to, Disease Prevention, Healthy Aging, and Eliminating Disparities.


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History of Medicine

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