Improving health through research, evaluation, policy, and practice.

Over half the world’s population lives in cities, and urbanization is increasing in all regions of the world. Finding solutions to ensure health and address health disparities in these complex, dense, and diverse urban environments is critical and a driving force behind the initiatives and programs conducted in the Academy's Institute for Urban Health. 

At the Academy’s Institute for Urban Health, we’re dedicated to finding multi-dimensional solutions to make cities healthier. Our unique evidence-based approach integrates interdisciplinary research and evaluation, policy advocacy, and practice. Working in our current priority areas of healthy aging, disease prevention, and eliminating health disparities, our expert professional staff pursues solutions that consider the social, physical, environmental, and economic conditions that impact the health of individuals and their communities.

The Institute houses the Center for Health Policy and Programs—home to award-winning community-based programs as well as three research centers including—the Center for Cognitive Studies in Medicine & Public Health, the Center for Health Innovation and the Center for Evaluation and Applied Research.

A pioneer in shaping the field of urban health since 1847, the Academy has identified and implemented innovative solutions in New York City and around the world.  In addition to conducting original research and implementing effective programs, we publish the Journal of Urban Health and are the home of the International Society for Urban Health.