Published by NYAM

Goldman, L. Age-friendly Brooklyn: Findings and Recommendations. October 2019.

Executive Summary

Press Release

Nearly a third of New York City’s 1,168,268 million adults aged 65 and older live in Brooklyn. These 337,741 individuals comprise 13% of the borough’s 2.6 million residents. By 2040, this population is projected to grow to over 428,845, becoming 15% of the population.

This report explains the findings of research conducted on Age-friendly Brooklyn, an initiative launched by the Borough President’s Office with The New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM), which works to ensure that Brooklyn remains inclusive and welcoming to its older citizens.

Age-friendly Brooklyn is working to:

  • Regularly solicit feedback from older people about their quality of life to inform neighborhood planning processes;
  • Create new opportunities for health and well-being and increase social, physical, and economic participation;
  • Better connect older people with information and resources; and
  • Mobilize older people and their service providers to advocate for local Age-friendly improvements.