At Home in East Harlem

In every aspect of the Academy’s work, we aim to advance health and wellness in urban communities. We are particularly committed to making a difference in the community we call home, East Harlem. We achieve these objectives through many activities, including:

  • As a member of the East Harlem Healthy Neighborhood Initiative we work with the NYC Center for Health Equity and Mount Sinai Hospital to increase the availability of healthy foods, improve the built environment, boost economic opportunities and connect residents with programs that support health-enhancing lifestyles.
  • Through our efforts on the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee and our publication, “East Harlem Neighborhood Plan Health Impact Assessment: Connecting Housing Affordability and Health,” we are working to ensure that the community’s health is considered during the rezoning process.
  • As part of the East Harlem Community Alliance, the Academy is also leading efforts to help neighborhood businesses have greater resources to serve more community members.

The Academy’s long-standing commitment to the neighborhood is exemplified by the establishment of the Jo Ivey Boufford East Harlem Initiatives Fund. Contributions to the fund will support:

  • Our work with existing community networks and coalitions;
  • Our ability to provide evidence for policies and programs that improve the community’s health;
  • Our engagement with older adults to promote ways for them to stay involved in the community they love and enjoy a high quality of life;
  • Our work with community partners to create healthy food choices, physical activity, and social support within the community. 

Here are highlights from our most recent activities for the East Harlem Community: