IMAGE: NYC, the Interactive Map of Aging, is an open-source map of New York City's current and projected population age 65 and older with overlays of available resources, services, and amenities.

Created by The New York Academy of Medicine and the CUNY Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research/CUNY Graduate Center, this data visualization tool enables users—such as government agencies, elected officials, health care and social service providers, planners, funders, and researchers—to understand and analyze spatial and socio-demographic patterns and trends.

IMAGE: NYC leverages newly available data and technology to illustrate the interplay of multiple variables at many different geographic levels for the current and projected aging population in New York City. Grounded in the recommendations that emerged from the Academy's 2014 report Resilient Communities: Empowering Older Adults in Disasters and Daily Life, the map was created to:

  1. Facilitate more informed planning and more equitable and localized deployment of resources for older people by government agencies, elected officials, health care and supportive service providers, researchers, and funders in New York City, as well as other localities where it is adapted.
  2. Contribute to better delivery of culturally and linguistically competent social services and health care through the ability to isolate the needs of subpopulations in a given locality.
  3. Catalyze connections within and between sectors, institutions, and individuals, leading to increased social cohesion which supports aging in community and community resilience.

To access the map, click the button below. If you are interested in adapting this map for a different location or populations, please contact us at imagenycmap@nyam.org.