Become an Age-friendly Professional. 

Think about how you can better include, respect and work with older adults at and through your workplace. Make small changes to the physical facility where you work, your printed materials, or the products or services you offer to better attract and serve older adults. Ask older adults you work with to share their experiences and knowledge so you and others can benefit from it. Share your best work with us at


Become an Age-friendly Community Member. 

Think about how the community, religious and civic organizations you belong to can better include older adults and consider their needs. Advocate for the needs of older adults at community meetings and make sure that there are older adults equally at the table. Share your best work with us at


Become an Age-friendly Volunteer. 

Volunteer your time and donate your money to causes that benefit older adults. For ideas, please visit NYC ServiceNew York Cares, and the New York City Department for the Aging. Share your best work with us


Become an Age-friendly Neighbor. 

Most older adults have lived in their neighborhood for many years and know the community well. Whenever you can, allow them to offer their knowledge and skills to you and let them know you are available to help with household tasks, picking up an item during a shopping trip, troubleshooting electronic devices, or in emergencies. Share your best experiences with us at


Create Age-friendly Streets. 

If someone is walking slowly in front of you on the street or in the subway, weigh the risk of injuring them with your need to bustle past them. When driving your car or riding your bike or scooter, follow traffic laws and do not ride on the sidewalk. Many older adults cannot keep the pace of traffic signals, and some are further challenged by vision impairments. Pedestrians can help others cross the street, report potholes and drainage problems to 311 and keep sidewalks clear by shoveling, sweeping or picking up litter. Share your best experiences with us at


Become an Age-friendly Rider.

When riding a bus or subway, offer your seat to an older person. Let them board and exit first, and give them a hand if they need it. Also offer your seat at bus shelters, park benches, while waiting for a service, and at events where seating is limited. Share your best experiences with us at


Become an Age-friendly Shopper.

If you see an older person standing on line—at pharmacies, banks, grocery stores, the post office or outside a restroom—let them go in front of you or offer to hold their place and let them sit down. Older adults often have trouble reaching items on high or low shelves and lugging purchases or laundry upstairs. If you see an older person struggling, offer to help. Also, offer to read small print on labels, mail, menus and signs. Share your best experiences with us at