Local Health Department staff working on the Prevention Agenda implementation can schedule one-on-one technical assistance with Advancing Prevention Project (APP) staff from The Academy. During these calls, participants can expect to receive information, resources, and referrals to technical experts with “boots on the ground” implementation expertise. Requests for technical assistance often grow out of LHD work during the learning collaboratives and in the webinars. APP has provided technical assistance on the following topics.

Chronic Disease

Healthier Food Systems

  • Improving Nutrition Standards Across Community Settings
  • Innovative Applications of Food & Nutrition Standards in Community Settings
  • Evaluating the Food and Beverage Environment
  • Increasing Access to Healthy Beverages
  • Policy & Procurement for a Healthy Emergency Food System
  • Partners in Health: Community Food Programs and Hospital Partnerships
  • Healthy Food in Healthcare
  • Promoting Breastfeeding Community of Practice

Healthier Physical Environments

· Promoting Complete Streets

· Place-Based Approaches to Addressing Health Disparities

Preventative Care

· Improving Access to Preventive Care and Disease Self-Management

Effective Health Messaging

· Health Communications

Mental Health

Suicide Prevention

  • Implementing a Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention
  • Prevent Suicides Among Youth and Adults
  • Zero Suicide in Health & Public Health Settings
  • Fusing Trauma, Trauma-Informed Care, Resiliency and Suicide Prevention

Trauma-Informed Care

  • An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care & Resiliency
  • Fusing Trauma, Trauma-informed Care, Resiliency and Suicide Prevention
  • Building Trauma-Sensitive, Trauma-informed, and Resilient Communities

Collective Impact & Infrastructure

  • Building Public Health and MEB Infrastructure in NYS
  • Beyond Collaboration: Collective Impact for Mental Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention

Substance Abuse

  • Local Public Health Responses to Opioid Use & Overdose Prevention in NYS
  • A Prevention Spectrum Approach to Opioid Use and Overdose Prevention

Capacity Building

  • Beyond Collaboration: Collective Impact for Mental Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Building Public Health and Mental, Emotional, Behavioral Health Infrastructure in NYS