François Thiery. Vouex d'un Patriote sur la Medecine en France. Paris, Chez Garnery, Libraire, rue du Hurepoix, 1789.

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This monograph by the noted physician François Thiery was written in the year of revolution, when all facets of French life came under revision and reform. It contains an elaborate proposal for the study of medicine in France, first discussing the actual methods in use together with associated abuses, before suggesting methods of improvement in the education of medicine. He proposes the foundation of an Institute Royal de Médecine, outlining the choice of curriculum, admission process and staff of that body, and arguing for diversification and specialization. He also includes an estimate of the cost, together with a summary of what he believes are the benefits of such a plan.

Thiery was born in Nancy in around 1718, and later became physician to the French Ambassador to Spain. He is important for his work on the diseases of Spain, and for his early and detailed description of pellagra, a chronic disease affecting poor agricultural laborers. He published several notable works, and travelled extensively to study all sorts of diseases and illnesses.  He died in Paris, in 1792.

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