Tractat von der aller fuertrefflichsten und kraefttigsten Artzney wider allerley Gifft


Christoph Hyeble (or Hieblin).  Tractat von der aller Fuertreflichsten und kraeftigsten Artzney wider allerley Gifft: welches der Stein Bezaar ist.  Konstanz: N. Kalt, 1598. 

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This is the second edition revised (the first edition appeared in the same city in 1589) of this book describing the remarkable mystical and medicinal powers of the bezoar, inspired by the author’s own travels in Portuguese India. Since the medieval period, many Europeans believed that bezoars—a calcified mass that forms in the stomach of ruminant animals—had considerable medicinal powers, especially as antidotes to poison. Hyeble, city physician at Koblenz, states that bezoars could be used to treat poisons such as arsenic, venomous bites, epilepsy, dysentery, and the plague.

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