Clemente Grillo. Sistema idropatico-pratico e trattamento delle malattie coll'acqua fredda, col sudore, coll' esercizio e col regime giusta il metodo vantato da Priessnitz e Soui Seguaci. Milan: Borronie Scotti, 1856.

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Second edition (first ca. 1853) of this scarce treatise on the medical use of cold water and bathing, by Clemente Grillo, physician and member of the religious order of the Ordine ospedaliero di San Giovanni di Dio in Naples. Grillo divides his work into three parts,the first of which introduces the reader to the principles of hydrotherapy and the system used by Priessnitz. Part two provides a more detailed examination of his methods, as well as a history of cold bathing citing the work of classical authors. Part three concentrates upon the effects of cold water treatments, as described by Lubanski. Grillo also includes a short bibliography of recent works and studies on the subject. Of particular appeal are the four evocative lithographs. The attractive frontispiece depicts seven different treatments, involving baths. Three additional lithographed plates depict a number of shower treatments: doccia a polvere detta sessile; doccia grande a soffione che innonda tutto il corpo in un tratto; doccia a soffione lungo la colonna spinale.

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