Daniele Marchetti. 125 figure ginnastiche femminili & 225 figure ginnastiche maschili. Milano: Presso l'Autore D.e Marchetti, 189-.

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These two appealing little pamphlets for use in school and at home offer gymnastics exercises for girls and boys with and without the use of equipment. Both pamphlets, wonderfully illustrated, were two of a number educational works issued by Daniele Marchetti (1855-1935), including ‘Salute e forza’ (ca. 1898), ‘Memoria intorno alla educazione fisica nelle scuole medie’ (1903), and ‘La ginnastica e chi l’insegna nelle scuole secondarie e normali’ (1900). Marchetti was a professional gymnast, who trained professionally at the Society for Educational Gymnastics in Bologna. 

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