Baker's Chocolate

Walter Baker & Co., Ltd.  Description of the educational exhibit of cocoa and chocolate. Dorchester: Walter Baker & Co., Ltd. [Boston: Barta Press], 1916. With an educational exhibit:  Cocoa and chocolate prepared by Walter Baker & Co., Ltd., Dorchester, Mass. Established 1780. 

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The Baker chocolate company started in 1780 and slowly grew into the most important chocolate producer in America, maintaining strict rules regarding the quality of the cacao used. Baker grew dramatically as the American economy expanded during the 19th century, and saw itself as a patriotic American company that was bringing chocolate to all Americans. The book, and its boxed “Educational Exhibit,” were created for public schools to allow teachers to demonstrate the transformation of the cocoa seeds from the raw material to the breakfast cocoa and chocolate. Included are glass phials of the four different stages of chocolate production; three miniature Baker chocolate bars; and a miniature tin of Baker hot cocoa.  Each of the exhibits has explanatory text in the book, followed by a history of chocolate for further reading.

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