The doctor in the home and Sexual diseases

Kurt Marloth. The doctor in the home. New York:  The American Health Association, n.d.  With two supplementary pamphlets, also by Marloth.

With A. Kuehner. Sexual diseases.  New York: The American Health Association, n.d. 

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Kurt Marloth wrote a number of popular works for lay audiences, many providing advice on emergency medicine on the water, for mountaineers and athletes, for motorists, and for the home. This illustrated home medical guide published ca. 1929, a revised American edition of the original German work by Marloth, was aimed at a female audience and accompanied by two supplementary pamphlets of anatomical plates of the human body and reproductive organs, and by a third short pamphlet on sexual diseases.  All three pamphlets also date to approximately 1929. The German edition was the recipient of a number of prizes, including the Bronze medal at the International Exhibition of Hygiene in Dresden. Included are sections on anatomy, physiology, nutrition, ‘the science of diseases’, female health, pediatrics, nursing, and first aid.  

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