Apicius. Caelii Apitii summi adulatricis medicinæ artificis... Basilae: Herwagen,1541.

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This is the first critical edition of the Apicius text, as well as the first cookbook printed in Switzerland.  Also included in this volume are the 7th century Byzantine physician Paul of Aegina’s Facultatibus Alimentarum and De honesta voluptate et valetudine of Platina [“Bartolomeo Sacchi], which in its edition princeps is considered the first printed cookbook (1474).  Additionally, between the Apicius and Paul of Aegina there is a fourth work, the Appendicula de Condituris Variis of Joannis Damsceni.  An eight line recipe has been added by hand to the text of Paul of Aegina.  This copy has a wonderful Academy connection:  it once belonged to Elizabeth Willets Lambert, the wife of Samuel W. Lambert, former President of The New York Academy of Medicine. 

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