"Movie" of women restaurant workers

 The Consumers’ League of New York City.  Behind the Scenes in a Restaurant. A Study of 1017 Women Restaurant Employees. New York:  The Consumers’ League of New York City, 1916. 

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This fascinating report published the results of a study conducted by The Consumers’ League of New York City with graphs, diagrams, illustrations, tables, and text. The study reveals the absence of laws applicable to ca. 20,000 female restaurant workers not covered under The New York State Labor Law. The authors advocate for protection for these workers who are “up at six, away at 6:30, home at 8 o’clock at night worn out by the wear and tear of twelve hours, a dress and an apron to be washed and ironed for tomorrow…” A leaf at the back of the volume reports on ‘States Having Laws Regulating Work of Women Employed in Restaurants.’ This is a detailed, intriguing examination of New York women and the conditions of their workplaces a hundred years ago.

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