Apicio De re coquinaria : Tours, Francia, IX sec., Urb Lat 1146 Biblioteca apostolica vaticana
.  [Castel Guelfo di Bologna, Italy] : [Imago], [2013].

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This 2013 facsimile of the 860 AD manuscript in the Vatican transmitting Apicius’ de re coquinaria was acquired to complement our own 830 AD manuscript of the text, sometimes referred to as the oldest cookbook in the West. Both the Academy’s manuscript and the Vatican manuscript contain 500 Greek and Roman recipes from the Mediterranean basin (a handful may date as early as the fourth century BCE.) While our own manuscript seems to have been used as a practice text for scribes, the Vatican manuscript is illuminated and lavishly ornate in its presentation.  This beautifully produced facsimile offers an excellent companion piece for research and teaching; visitors who come to see our Apicius manuscript are often astonished by the differences between the two. 

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