Make a Lasting Contribution
Mark your career as a New York Academy of Medicine Fellow or supporter by naming a seat in Hosack Hall. For over 90 years, this significant auditorium has been home to seminal lectures and educational programs, the Academy’s Anniversary Discourse and Awards, distinguished speakers, and cultural arts programs.

By naming a seat, you have the opportunity to enjoy having your name or that of another person you wish to honor engraved on an elegant plaque placed on the back of a theater seat. Your participation guarantees that you or the person you honor will be a visible part of this historic and treasured auditorium for years to come.

Flexible Payment Options
You may select both the contribution level and payment plan.

Three contribution levels:
$5,000 - Front orchestra
$2,500 – Rear orchestra
$1,500 - Balcony

Payment Plans
All payments must be paid in full within 36 months of the pledge.
Plan A - One-time contribution               
Plan B - Annual installments   
Plan C - Monthly installments

You can dedicate a seat:
• As an individual, couple, or family
• For your children, grandchildren, or parents
• In memory of a loved one
• With the name of your organization
• To honor a colleague or friend who has made an important professional contribution to your organization or the Academy

Name Your Seat Today
To select and name your seat, arrange your payment, or to learn more about current activities of the Academy, our Fellows program or the Library’s cultural programs, please contact the Development Office at (212) 822-7244. You may also make your donation and name your seat online using this form

Name Your Seat Here