Making a Difference at Home
In East Harlem, home to the Academy, residents experience among the greatest health inequities in the city. Life expectancy (76 years) is far less than that of the Upper East Side (85 years), a neighborhood just a few blocks south. With 31% of residents living in poverty and high rates of asthma, diabetes and heart disease, healthy lifestyle choices are limited and health care and health promoting resources are difficult to access.

To address these issues, the Academy established the Jo Ivey Boufford Fund for East Harlem Initiatives, in honor of Dr. Boufford, a tireless champion of urban health and an exemplary leader and past president of The Academy for ten years. Contributions to the fund honor Dr. Boufford’s legacy while supporting the Academy’s ongoing efforts to make East Harlem a healthier place to live, work, play and learn.

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