Become a member of the International Society for Urban Health:

ISUH is the only global professional organization in the world that focuses exclusively on the broad determinants of urban health. ISUH understands that the health challenges and opportunities in urban environments are complex. They require interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, educators, policy makers, practitioners, community leaders, and urban health advocates in sectors such as urban planning, architecture, transportation, housing, and environmental health and others.

Your membership can help us develop and sustain ISUH as an independent voice of our global, transdisciplinary members and strategic partners for health equity in urban settings. In addition, as a member of the ISUH you will receive the benefits below.


  • Free online access to the Journal of Urban HealthJournal of Community Health, and Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
    • Members interested in additionally receiving the print edition of the Journal of Urban Health, may request a print subscription upon receiving their membership confirmation
  • Discounted registration to the annual International Conference on Urban Health
  • Opportunities for members from LMICs to receive travel grants for the annual International Conference on Urban Health
  • Free Attendance to all ISUH Special Side Events and Panels
  • Access to participation in any of our ISUH Working Groups
  • Listing in the ISUH Membership Directory
  • Free Quarterly ISUH e-Newsletter
  • Potential for you or your work to be featured in the ISUH e-Newsletter or on the ISUH website
  • Access to view postings of job opportunities, global conferences and meetings and more
  • Most importantly, access to the ISUH member portal where members may engage actively on-line through a discussion board, access to relevant knowledge products and a membership directory with information on members and their work

The Individual membership fee structure is based on the member's country of residence economy type. See World Bank list of economies HERE. To Join, go to the "JOIN HERE" section at the bottom of this page and select the button for "Individual Membership".

Individual (Residents of High-Income Countries)$150
Fellow of The New York Academy of Medicine$100
Individual (Residents of Upper Middle-Income Countries)$75
Student (Residents of High-Income Countries)$50
Individual (Residents of Lower Middle-Income & Low-Income Countries)$25
Student (Residents of Low & Middle-Income Countries)$15



Organizations, Institutes, and other groups may now join ISUH as Institutional members. In addition to receiving all the benefits of individual membership, Institutional members will additionally receive the following:

  • Logo and Website posting on the ISUH website
  • Five (5) individual memberships for identified staff
  • Five (5) discounted registrations to the annual International Conference on Urban Health
  • Opportuities to co-sponsor events at global meetings
  • Posting of job opportunities, global conferences and meetings and more, on the ISUH website

The Institutional membership fee structure is based on member organizations’ annual revenues. To Join, go to the "JOIN HERE" section at the bottom of this page and select the button for "Institutional Membership".

Less than $1,000,000$500
$1,000,001 to $5,000,000$1,000
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000$2,500
$10,000,001 to $100,000,000$7,500
$100,000,001 to $500,000,000$12,500
$500,000,001 to $1,000,000,000$25,000
Greater than $1,000,000,000$50,000



Membership is available for individuals and institutions from high, middle and low income countries. Join today and receive discounted registration for our next International Conference on Urban Health.

Individual Membership

Institutional Membership

If you would prefer to apply by mail and to send a check, please print and complete the application page and mail along with check (made payable to: "The New York Academy of Medicine") to:
International Society for Urban Health Secretariat
The New York Academy of Medicine
1216 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10029