The Academy's Primary Care and Population Health Working Group comprises representatives from academia, New York City and State health departments, payors, community health centers, and major hospital systems. The Working Group’s mission is to ensure that population health is central to the implementation of health care reform, with a special focus on urban communities.

Population Health Summit: “From Innovators to Early Adopters: A Closer Look at Bridging Health Care and Population Health”

On December 7, 2015, the Academy hosted and co-sponsored the New York State Health Foundation's third annual population health summit to delve deeper into ongoing efforts in New York State and nationally that demonstrate effective collaboration between health care and other sectors to advance population health. View the webcast, agenda, presenter bios, and slide presentations from the event here

The Metrics Matrix: Evidence-based, Care Delivery-based Interventions For Advancing Population Health

"Beta-testing" Version
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The Primary Care and Population Health Working Group evaluated a spectrum of local, state, and national recommendations to create a "Metrics Matrix" of evidence-based interventions employable across a spectrum of clinical, community-based and health system actors. These interventions are organized around a common set of 11 high-priority population-based metrics, with a spotlight on health disparities. Taken together, the Metrics Matrix, available for review and download below,  is intended to provide a framework to foster strategies to integrate evidence-based interventions that advance population health into primary care and other settings. An overview and the findings of a literature review conducted to inform development of the Metrics Matrix document are available below as well. 

Metrics Matrix: Full Document [PDF]
Literature Review: Introduction and Overview
Literature Review: Journal, Book and Website Citations

A five-part synthesis of a survey of thought leaders in primary care and population health (RWJF Human Capital Blog)

Part 1: Defining Population Health
Part 2: Challenges in the Urban Context
Part 3: Local and State Health Department Collaboration
Part 4: The Role of Primary Care and Clinical Incentives
Part 5: Clinical Engagement in Social Determinants