Age-friendly Public Safety

The Public Safety Working Group works to advance solutions to enhance the safety of older people within and outside of the home under routine conditions and during catastrophic events.

The Public Safety Working Group is co-chaired by Nora OBrien-Suric, President, Health Foundation for Western and Central New York; and Gordon Campbell, Professor, NYU Wagner School of Public Service.

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    Co-Chair, Gordon Campbell* | Professor, NYU Wagner School of Public Service

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    Co-Chair, Nora OBrien-Suric* | President, Health Foundation of Western & Central New York

Dr. Donna Corrado**
Department for the Aging
Nuzhat Chowdhury
Legislative Counsel
NYC Council
Sylvia Hamer
Chief of Staff
Office of the Brooklyn Borough President
Kalima Johnson
Legislative Policy Analys
NYC Council
Sam Lawson
DAFN Outreach Coordinator
New York City Emergency Management
Jed Levine*
Executive Vice President
Deirdre Lok*
Assistant Director and Counsel
Weinberg Center
Philip Marshall
Beyond Brooke.Org
Gabe Oberfield
Vice President, Policy and Operations
Continuing Care Leadership Coalition 
Greater New York Hosptial Association
Joan Pastore*
Executive Director
The AMICO 59th Street Senior Citizen Center
Steven Romalewski
Director, CUNY Mapping Service
Center for Urban Research at the
Graduate Center/CUNY
Chris Widelo
Associate State Director
AARP New York
Kim Wiley-Schwartz
Assistant Commissioner of Education and  
New York City Department of Transportation
Robin Willner
NYS- P-Tech


*denotes Commission Member
** denotes Ex-Officio Commission Member